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How to improve the rankings of an e-commerce site on Google?

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There are many aspects that you will need to take into account while improving the online visibility of your e-commerce site.

In this article, I bring you proven SEO techniques that will make your online store more SEO-friendly and well optimized. So, if you own an e-commerce store that you want to rank number one for a specific term, it’s time to be careful!

Use effective long tail keywords

The best long tail keyword should have at least three words – the more, the better. The more unique you are, the higher your page will be because you restrict the scope of the competition. Effective long tail keywords are part of advanced SEO strategies.

By finding the right keywords, analysis, and targeting, you also benefit from increased traffic and revenue.

Have the fastest website

A site whose pages load slowly can harm the ranking. According to Google, the speed of the page would have an impact on the ranking of your website. It refers to the time the visitor has to wait until your page is fully loaded. On average, a page load for an e-commerce site takes 7 seconds, while the ideal loading time is about 3 seconds or less.

So, having a super fast site that loads at least 3 seconds makes a significant contribution to improving Google ranking.

Securing your site using the HTTPS protocol

Trust in a website is an essential part of its value and, therefore, SEO takes into account the security of a website. Securing your website has become a crucial aspect of good SEO.

Thus, the installation of an SSL certificate secures your website and allows you to gain the trust of your customers, and on the other hand, it improves your referencing and allows you to have a better position on search engines.

Have a site adapted to mobile phones

More than ever, more and more people are accessing the Internet from their smartphones. A mobile compatible website is imperative to attract this audience.

Mobile compatibility is a factor taken into account for mobile SEO on Google. A compatible page is always favored in the results.

The best solution is to have a responsive e-commerce website that automatically adapts to different devices and browsers.

Using Social Networks for SEO Advantage

Google also gives importance to social network profile pages for companies in search results. If you are looking for a company, these profile pages from social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are likely to be among the best links you see on the first page. Social networks may not be a ranking factor for Google, but they can amplify the ranking factors that Google considers. Your presence on social networks is the guarantee of the maximum SEO benefits from your presence on social networks.

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