We are not associated in ANY WAY with the 'investigative reporting' account called @DrupalLeaks (formerly @DruConfessions) and we strongly condemn their tactics.

 — Drupal Confessions

Drupal Confessions is now officially closed.

We started Drupal Confessions on 12 April 2017 to raise awareness of serious issues with governance in the Drupal community.

In a widely-reported incident, governance allowed a few privileged Drupal members to threaten another member, and to maliciously trawl through that member's personal life for details they could use to hurt the member. Governance then used these illicitly-obtained details to strip the threatened member of all leadership positions and to demand they leave the Drupal community, despite no code of conduct violations.

We created Drupal Confessions to fight this abusive behavior, and to take a stand for not revoking our participation in Drupal based on peaceful, consensual, and lawful behavior in our personal lives.

Toward this end, we rallied behind more than 150 other Drupal developers, contributors, and funders, and we urged Dries Buytaert to right the wrongs of the past, and to deal with the structural problems that allowed this incident to happen in the first place.

In response to our activism, Drupal's Community Working Group asked a member to step down for threatening behavior, and Dries Buytaert announced a series of community meetings to discuss ways to improve governance.

While we believe these changes represent progress, the future is not certain. What happened in this incident can still happen again to another member, and when it does, we may not even know.

But we hope that progress continues, and these early fruits of our struggle will make Drupal a place where we do not have to worry about our fellow members digging into our personal lives. We hope they will make Drupal a place where our participation is granted based on how we treat other Drupal members—not on how we peacefully, consensually, and lawfully behave in our personal lives.

We encourage everyone who shares this vision to contribute to discussions on governance improvement and the Drupal Code of Conduct, emphasizing, above all, the transparency and community representation necessary to provide strong accountability in governance, disclosure to members, and faithful representation that ensures governance works for and not against members.

Thanks to all of our supporters who made Drupal Confessions possible. Be kind, stay strong, and continue to make your voices heard.

 — Drupal Confessions


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